Desperate families are coming to Winnipeg to build a better life

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We’ve seen the photos and read the stories of desperate families coming to Manitoba recently; fleeing uncertainty, oppression, hardship and violence in their homelands with the hopes of a new beginning and a better future for their children.

The first 30 days are critical

Families are scared and alone, strangers in a new country. Winnipeg service providers on the front lines of caring for them are overwhelmed. With more families expected as warmer weather approaches, the need for help is greater than ever.

After 30 days, families with refugee claims can apply for work permits and access supports to help them become independent. Prior to that however, the burden falls largely to Winnipeg service providers to care for these families.

That’s where we all come in.

A photo of Fort McMurray, AB

You can make a difference

Your donation will help provide families and service providers with critically needed supports, such as safe shelter, clothing, food, personal support and more.

Your generosity is a message of welcome to these families. Together we can surround them with love, understanding and hope as they start to build a better life in their new home.

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Please donate today.

We are working with all service providers and community partners to ensure your donation goes where it is needed most and will make the biggest difference.

Thank You

to generous United Way donors, who already provide critical, ongoing support to 23 community agencies that help immigrants and refugees every day in Winnipeg.

A photo of Fort McMurray, AB
Scott OakleyHelp refugees in Winnipeg today start building for a better tomorrow